A downloadable game for Windows

The Fading Spirit

A prototype made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 39

Jam theme: Running out of power

Take control of a spirit constantly threatened by fading away in this Binding of Isaac inspired arcade style, top down, rougue-lite.
Use your power wisely to shoot down enemies.
Capture spirits of fallen enemies to refill your power and extend your time.


WASD - movement
Arrow Keys - Shoot
Shift - Dash

Dashing and shooting costs energy, so be careful!

A game by Vegard Jensen and Spasco

Spritework, Game design, Sound effects - Vegard Jensen (@TheVegardJensen)

Game design and Programming - Spasco (@Spasco_)

Animations - Gaziter (@Gaziter) 

Music - MyNewSoundtrack (@MyNewSoundtrack)

Cover artwork - TheAllKnowingNoodle

Here's a few things to keep in mind before you play:

* This is a prototype. Bugs and errors may occur so don’t panic.

* The executable file may trip some virus warnings.  We reassure you this isn’t a virus.  If your computer wasn’t working it would inhibit your ability to play our game and no one wants that.

* This game was not made for profit and will always be a free game!


The Fading Spirit.zip 12 MB